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Maria Kezoudi

Maria Kezoudi

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Associate Research Scientist

+357 22 397 547

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Maria is an Associate Research Scientist in Atmospheric Aerosol Sciences of EMME-CARE. Her main expertise covers the experimental characterization of atmospheric aerosols. She has a strong background in Physics (BSc, University of Cyprus, Cyprus, 2015) and later specialized in Applied Meteorology and Climate with Management (MSc, University of Reading, UK, 2016).

The focus of her PhD work (Centre for Atmospheric and Climate Physics at the University of Hertfordshire, UK) was on atmospheric in-situ and remote sensing measurements of aerosols, with a particular focus on mineral dust particles. During her PhD project, she assembled, calibrated and operated a novel open-path OPC called the Universal Cloud and Aerosol Sounding System (UCASS). She has deployed the instrument for measurements of vertical profiles of aerosol size distributions during dust outbreaks over Cyprus, Greece, and Spain. The purpose was to assess the quality of the UCASS measurements with independent data from state-of-the-art remote-sensing retrievals such as GARRLiC, LiRIC, the AERONET and SKYNET inversions, and POLIPHON. So far, these activities have led to a couple of scientific publications.

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