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Franco Marenco

Franco Marenco

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Associate Professor +357 22 208 728

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Franco Marenco is an expert in aerosols and remote sensing, with 28 years experience. He started in the field with an undergraduate project in the laboratory led by Prof. Giorgio Fiocco at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy) on "Lidar observations of the stratosphere and the mesosphere from Thule, Greenland". Since then, he has taken an experimental approach to his studies on the  the structure and composition of the atmosphere, and has promoted where possible the synergetic use of remote sensing, in situ measurements, and model predictions. In 2006, Prof. Marenco received a PhD in Physics from the University of Genova, Italy, with a thesis on "Research on atmospheric aerosols in a remote and an urban area of Northwestern Italy"

Franco is planning to contribute to research in the field of transboundary transport of atmospheric constituents. He has extensive experience with lidar remote sensing, together with additional skills in the field of in situ observations and satellite remote sensing. He has contributed to research projects at a number of universities and institutes, in Italy, Greece, and the Netherlands, and since 2009 he is employed at the Met Office in the United Kingdom, where he continues to be affiliated part-time. The latter experience has permitted him to link his research interests to meteorology and hazard management.

From 2015 to 2021, Franco has been the manager of Satellite Imagery at the Met Office, which has permitted not only to broaden his scientific horizons, but also to further develop his leadership skills. In May 2021, he has joined CARE-C part-time, with a view of developing a ground-based remote sensing facility and growing the additional scientific capabilities that permit creating a full understanding of observed atmospheric scenes.

Franco Marenco has (co-)authored of more than 60 international refereed publications (H-index 20) and has extensively presented his research at international conferences devoted to remote sensing atmospheric sciences. 

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