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DCH 416: 3D Documentation & Scientific Visualization and Cultural Heritage Research

Course Title

3D Documentation, Scientific Visualization and Cultural Heritage Research

Course Code

DCH 416

Course Type




Year / Semester

1st / 2nd (Subject to change)

Instructor’s Name

Sorin Hermon (lead instructor),Theodoros Christoudias, Christos Keleshis, Dante Abate 



Lectures / week

1 (1h)

Laboratories / week

1 (2h)

Course Purpose and Objectives

The course will present fundamentals in the 3D documentation, characterization and interpretation of tangible heritage assets (monuments, archaeological sites and works of art) through 3D digital methods such as shape analysis, surface characterization and geometry measurements. Each method will be presented in detail, along with a critical analysis of cost-efficiency and accuracy level.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students will know how to 3D document a wide range of tangible heritage assets using a variety of techniques and documentation strategies (multiple laser sensors, drone-based, photogrammetry, etc.) as well as a set of tools for interacting with 3D data for analysis, measurements and interpretation of results for research, conservation and public outreach of CH.



 Requirements  -

Course Content

Basic notions of photogrammetry, sensors-based 3D documentation of a wide range of heritage assets, post-processing of 3D data and web-based publication, 3D shape analysis and surface characterization.

Teaching Methodology

Frontal lectures, laboratory work and applied research


  1. Remondino, Fabio, and Efstrations Stylianidis. 3D recording, documentation and management of cultural heritage.
  2. Frohlich, R., Kato, Z., Tremeau, A., Tamas, L., Shabo, S. and Waksman, Y., 2016, December. Region based fusion of 3D and 2D visual data for Cultural Heritage objects.
  3. Soler, Francisco, Francisco Javier Melero, and Maria Victoria Luzón. A complete 3D information system for cultural heritage documentation.
  4. Remondino, Fabio, and Stefano Campana. 3D recording and modelling in archaeology and cultural heritage.
  5. Campanaro, Danilo Marco, Giacomo Landeschi, Nicoló Dell’Unto, and Anne-Marie Leander Touati. “3D GIS for cultural heritage restoration: A ‘white box’ workflow.


75% exam; 25% coursework



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