Policies and Procedures for Nurturing Creativity and Progress

An integral part of our mission is the valorization of cross-disciplinary knowledge generated within the Institute. We achieve this by leveraging intellectual property, establishing spin-offs, and actively engaging in knowledge transfer and industry engagement activities.

To systematically foster innovation in this context, we have created policies and streamlined processes that cultivate an environment conducive to creativity, experimentation, and breakthroughs. Specifically, we have developed the Intellectual Property Policy and the Spin-Off Policy.

Additionally, we’ve designed an Innovation Guide for the Cyprus Institute community, providing comprehensive information about innovation and entrepreneurship within the spectrum of CyI.

IP Policy

This document offers a crucial framework that outlines the principles and regulations that govern the ownership, disclosure, protection, and exploitation of intellectual property (IP) created by the Institute’s employees, students, and collaborators.

This policy also defines the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in the process, that include: the institute, the creators of IP, the Innovation and Development Directorate (IDD), the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee and any external partners involved in the knowledge transfer and IP management processes.

The IP Policy aims to provide a clear and fair framework for the identification, evaluation, and commercialization of IP, as well as a generous revenue sharing scheme among the stakeholders. The document also addresses the issues of confidentiality, publication and dispute resolution.

Download the full IP Policy.


Spin-Off Policy

The aim of this policy is to facilitate the creation and support of spin-off companies that exploit CyI’s intellectual property and knowledge, as a way of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and enhancing the impact of CyI’s research on society.

This Policy outlines the objectives, scope, general principles, and conditions of involvement of CyI personnel in spin-off companies, as well as the role of the Innovation and Development Directorate (IDD) in overseeing and assisting the spin-off process.

The document also addresses the potential issues of conflict of interest and the financial terms of licensing and accessing CyI’s IP, equipment, infrastructure, and expertise. It is important to note that this document is supplementary to the CyI IP Policy.

Download the full Spin-off Policy.

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