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Kristis Alexandrou

Kristis Alexandrou

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Research Assistant +357 22 208 638

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Kristis Alexandrou, is a Research Assistant at the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center of the Cyprus Institute. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture (MA) and a Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering from the University of Cyprus.

His doctoral studies focused on the hybridisation and structural computation of bending-active structural systems. His research interests lie in the areas of Structural Design, Structural Computation, Computational Design, Building Information Modelling and Digital Design Methods and Tools.

Kristis possesses professional experience in the architectural design of residential and commercial buildings and in the retrofitting of heritage buildings in Cyprus. Since 2020, Kristis has been a member of Virtual Environments Lab (CyI) and contributes to the development of BIM-based workflows and methods for solving data interoperability, within the cultural heritage context. During his presence at VElab, Kristis was task leader on “BIM to BPS interoperability” in ENI-CBC-MED BEEP Project, participated in RIF-UrbanPeriscope, RIF-MESH, ENICBCMED-U-Solve and currently participating in HORIZON INFRA and COMMUNITIES Projects, focusing on data organisation and semantic interoperability within the Arts and Humanities domain.

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