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Biyang Wang

Biyang Wang

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PhD Student +357 22 208 700

Biyang is a PhD candidate in Archaeometry. She holds BA in Archaeology and Museum Study (Hons) from Nankai University, China (2016) and MSc in Archaeological Science from the University of Oxford, UK (2021), with a master’s thesis on monumental brass in medieval Oxfordshire. Having participated in several projects in the fields of ancient Chinese history, museum studies, anthropology, art history, and archaeology, her interest was directed to the interdisciplinary study of material culture, especially during cultural interaction times. Her PhD focuses on the brass-making technology in Morocco from the Middle Age till modern eve.

Through the combination of historical, archaeological, and scientific information, her PhD aims to reconstruct the local technology as well as the underlying cultural mechanism behind local technological choice in Northern Africa during the wave of Islamization.

Research Interests

Material culture, archaeometallurgy, cultural contact, Northern African archaeology, Chinese archaeology

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