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4CH: Competence Centre for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage

4CH will design and prepare for a European Competence Centre on Cultural Heritage (CC) which will work proactively for the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage. It will start implementing the structure, organization and services of the CC which will operate as a virtual infrastructure providing expertise, advice and services using state-of-the-art ICT with a special focus on 3D technology.

A Strategic Advisory Board, including representatives of major national and international CH bodies, will be established to advise on cultural, scientific, technological, financial, strategy and policy areas. 4CH will design and implement the ICT infrastructure of the CC, based on a Cultural Heritage Cloud, to provide an open collaborative digital space for cultural heritage conservation giving access to repositories of data, metadata, standards and guidelines. Coordinated by the Italian Istituto nazionale di fisica nucleare, the project gathers 19 partners from 14 EU countries and includes research institutions, private companies and CH public and private institutions. Started on the 1st of January 2021, the project will run for 36 months. 

Contact person

Sorin Hermon



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4CH is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement n.101004468 – 4CH.



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