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CyI Showcases Innovation at 2024 Reflect Festival Featured



The Cyprus Institute, widely recognized for its commitment to advancing scientific research, innovation, and education, actively participated in this year’s 2024 Reflect Festival. As the leading platform for discussions at the intersection of technology and science, the Reflect Festival took place on May 30-31, 2024, in Limassol. The event offered a dynamic environment that encouraged cross-disciplinary dialogue, creative thinking, and networking opportunities with experts and enthusiasts from various fields.
CyI's Assistant Vice-President of Strategy and Development, Dr. Konstantinos Kleovoulou, hosted the ReflectX Startup competition. Additionally, PhD student and Graduate Research Assistant Athanasios Koutoupas had the opportunity to pitch the Art Characterization Services (ARTes) project, a Cyprus Seeds-funded initiative, on the Investors Stage.
CyI researchers and representatives from our Graduate School also hosted booths where they showcased their cutting-edge research and innovations. These interactive exhibits provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about the Institute's diverse research initiatives, highlighting CyI’s commitment to advancing knowledge, promoting innovation, and fostering sustainable solutions.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following projects at The Cyprus Institute, in collaboration with our Innovation and Development Directorate, whose contributions played an instrumental role in ensuring the festival's success. Listed in alphabetical order:
  • Art Characterization Services (ARTES Project)
  • Digital Innovation Hub Cyprus (DiGiNN)
  • National Competence Centre for High-Performance Computing (EuroCC2 Project)



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