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Major Reference Work for Global Archaeology Edited by CyI Faculty



For the last three years, STARC - Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center faculty members, CyI Assoc. Prof. Efthymia Nikita and Prof. Thilo Rehren, served as co-Editors in Chief of the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Archaeology, published this month by Elsevier.

This major reference work includes around 300 entries, organized in four volumes that cover the origins and development of archaeology as a scientific discipline and its societal relevance in the modern world (Vol. 1), and how it is currently practiced, both in the field and in the lab (Vol. 2A and 2B). A major part is the detailed geographical overview of the archaeology of Africa, the Americas and Oceania (Vol. 3), and of Asia and Europe (Vol. 4A and 4B). In this fully revised 2nd edition, particular emphasis was placed on engaging authors from across the world. For the first time, such an encyclopedia is predominantly written by scholars who actively perform and experience archaeology in their native regions.

In the words of Thilo and Efthymia: "We aspired to create a work that truly reflects the global character of archaeology, and a work with which scholars across the world could associate to some level. With the invaluable help of six section editors from China, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Germany, Greece and Argentina, and circa 400 authors from countries around the globe (and with vast amounts of coffee and chocolate), we believe we made it. We hope the readers agree with us!"

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