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CyI Innovation Workshop: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry in Cyprus



The first Innovation Workshop and Speed Networking Event, organized by The Cyprus Institute, brought together the country's academic and business community


The first “Innovation Workshop and Speed ​​Networking Event” was successfully organized by The Cyprus Institute in collaboration with the Association of Research and Innovation Companies of Cyprus (CARIE), and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), with the support of the EU funded projects “EUROCC2” “EMME-CARE”, and the European Digital Innovation Hub in Cyprus - “DiGiNN” project.
This workshop aimed at initiating a collaboration between the Institute's researchers and Cypriot companies, which are actively involved in applied research and innovation, with the ultimate goal of creating synergies and meaningful partnerships for knowledge transfer, and also the development of products and services that can significantly enhance the competitiveness of the ecosystem of high-tech and deep-tech companies in Cyprus.
The particular workshop – the first of many initiatives planned for the future – focused on the creation of synergies for the transfer of knowledge, but also on the development of products and services that can significantly strengthen the competitiveness of the ecosystem of companies that produce high-tech products and applications in Cyprus. At the same time, a main objective was the smooth transition for the digital transformation Cyprus and its transition into a knowledge-based economy.
The agenda of the workshop included presentations about the “DiGINN Hub” as well as presentations from CyI’s Center Directors – Prof. Fadi Comair, Director of EEWRC, Prof. Michel Menu, Director of STARC, Prof. Constantine Dovrolis, Director of CaSToRC, Prof. Jean Sciare, Director of CARE-C, and Prof. Theodoros Zachariades, Director of STEDI-RC.
Additionally, Dr Chrysanthia Leontiou, CyI Head of the Graduate School presented the graduate school programs and opportunities for collaboration with the companies and Dr Panayiota Katsamba, CyI Managing Coordinator, talked about CyI’s strategic plan in facilitating the Digital Transformation of Cyprus. Mr. Fabio Montagnino, CyI Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Directorate (IED), gave an overview on how his team is working towards “bridging” the gap between research and industry in Cyprus.
During the workshop, a speed-networking event between CyI researchers and company representatives, also took place. Company delegations had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the Institute's laboratories and research facilities.
Workshop attendees included CARIE member companies such as ADDITESS (Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd), Advanced Materials Design and Manufacturing Ltd, AI Zerocaliber Ltd, CELLOC LTD, CYRIC Cyprus Research And Innovation Center Ltd, Ecliptic Defense and Space, EFEVRE TECH LTD, Elysee Irrigation Ltd, EMBIO Diagnostics, Lumoscribe, NOVATEX SOLUTIONS LTD, SignalGeneriX, Malloc Limited, eBOS Technologies Ltd, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Cyprus Seeds, and research staff from The Cyprus Institute.
Prof. Stavros Malas, President of The Cyprus Institute, Dr Tasos Kounoudes, President of CARIE, and Mr. Marios Tsiakkis, Secretary General of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry addressed the event, which took place under the auspices of the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Mr. Filippos Hadjizacharia.



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